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Music of the Soul: The Spiritual Way of Life

June 9th – Oct. 6th, 2023

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Class Dates & Times:

Friday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30pm ET / 4:00 to 5:30pm PT

Jun 9 & 16,
Jul 7, 14, 21
Aug 4, 11, 18, 25
Sep 8, 22
Oct 6

Class Schedule:

Week One, Jun 9


MoS, Tariqa Shadhdhuliyya, pg. 32-33

The tariqa of the Prophet Muhammad (saws) is one. It is the same way as that of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus (saws)

Week Two, Jun 16


MoS, The Stations of the Way, pg. 46

Everyone needs to walk to return to live in the real freedom. This is the real place of his birth before he came to this world.

Week Three, Jul 7


MoS, Al-Amarra: Listening to the Orders from the Darkness, pg. 47

There are many things in the nafs. This word contains all the things that come from your self—your perception, your hearing, your feeling, the voices in your mind, and the desires of your heart, that say this and that or ask why or what.

Week Four, Jul 14

Latif Sorensen, MDiv

MoS, “Al-Lawamma: The Station of Still Questioning,” pg. 48

You, who seek knowledge of the truth, must look to the name of God and discharge everything outside. See only the name of God.

Week Five, Jul 21

Salih Kent

MoS, “Al-Mutma’inna: The Station of Security,” pg. 49

This is a quiet station. You have become a believer and you begin to live within. You feel rested and you no longer listen to any voice, only the voice of God.


Week Six, Aug 4

Dr. John Abd Al-Qadir Davies, LL.B., M.Litt, M.S., Ph.D.

MoS, “Al-Amina: The Station of Faith and Trust,” pg. 49

The shaitan cannot do anything as long as you do not listen to his voice and you hear only the voice of God. Your hearing can only hear the voice of Allah.


Week Seven, Aug 11


MoS, “Ar-Radiyya: Not Obeying Anything from the Nafs,” pg. 50

In this station you begin to see the face of God in everything. You hear the voice of God in every song and you say, “Who sings? Who talks? Who walks? This is my God!”


Week Eight, Aug 18


MoS, “Al-Mardiyya: Accepting Without Asking,” pg. 50

You listen to the voice of God and you begin to see the picture of the truth. You see the world through the eye of your heart, and you begin to speak in the language of the soul.


Week Nine, Aug 25

Dr. Abd al Haqq Godlas, PhD
MOS “The Perfection of the Nafs,” pg. 51

Al-kamala is the station of the perfection of the nafs. When you reach completion in the stations of the nafs, all of the nafs become purified. Here, you begin to live completely in the station of the heart.

Week Ten, Sep 8

Dr. Rahima Schmall, PhD, RN

MoS, “First Station of the Heart: At-Tawba Return to God,” pg. 52-53

You want to return to God to clean yourself and to wipe away all your mistakes. When you want to listen to the voice of God, you must give your hearing to this voice.


Week Eleven, Sep 22

Sharifa Keith, PhD, MDiv, RN

MoS, “Al-Adab; Politeness,” pg. 55

This class falls on the Mawlid and will be made available to the whole tariqa, no registration required.

Anyone who wants to live in the garden of the soul needs to clean his body of all the things he carries because he carries the qualities of God. God has ninety-nine qualities but has only one name, a special name –Allah!


Week Twelve, Oct 6


MoS, “At-Taslim Surrender to God,” pg. 54

If anyone wants to walk in the way and to live in the garden, then he must leave his body, his heart, and his soul, and be only with God, to be with Him, face to face.

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