Walking with the Heart of Musa (as)
Cultivating Love, Light, and Strength
Starts Sept 9th
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“For whoever wishes, this [teaching] is the Divine Table of Allah, so whoever wishes can come and eat from it.” – Sidi, 2009


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Walking with the Heart of Musa (as):

Cultivating Love, Light, and Strength

September 9th-December 23rd 2022

12-week Online Course: 7-8:30pm ET


The light of Musa (as) brings practical teachings that you can apply in your own life today. Through deep transmission from our teachers, you will learn:


  • Ancient stories that turn into timeless lessons for modern life
  • How to deal with new territory/situations with alignment and ease
  • To give the love (and divine humor) to all in your life New ways of being with friends, family, coworkers, and even employees
* Offering Spanish and French interpretations of most classes.
Classes are recorded, inshaallah. Listen anytime.


Course Information:

Week 1:

Musa and Harun, The Station of Reverence & Leadership

Fri, Sept 9th with Amany Shalaby

“I hope and pray from my heart for my Beloved God to make all those who love Allah to be His children who carry His message, exactly, and live in His real garden.”

Q 20:25-36, 42-47

Stories of the Prophets, pp 189 to 195

“[Harun] was the soul of Musa and fed him the real message.”


Week 2:

The Heart is the Throne of Allah, pp 198 to 214, The Traveler’s Journey of Healing

Fri, Sep 16th with Salih Kent

When Allah revealed Himself to Musa,

He just showed him a little glimpse

That was in accordance with his readiness and his steadfastness.

What happened to Musa then?

He fell down, thunderstruck,

Which means he was absent from his humanity and its physical realm.

He became like water.

There was no Musa anymore—

There was light, only divine light.

Week 3:

The Family of Musa (as)

Fri, Sep 30th with Rahima Schmall

The Sufi Realities, 93-94, Musa’s mother in spirit, Asiyah, raa; Everyone returns to his true family [this reading continues to pg 97]

Musa’s mothers–Birth mother and adoptive mother Asiya (raa)

God’s revelation to Musa’ mother: Q20:37-41, Q28:7-13

Asiyah (raa) The Ship of the Family of the Prophet, pp 185 to 186

The belief of Asiya: Q66:11


Week 4:

Musa (as): Crumbling the mountain of our existence

Fri, Oct 14th with Murshid Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

Secret of the Love of God, “You Shall Not See Me but Look at the Mountain,” pp 182 to 185

The Guide, page 207, The deep meaning of Moses’ question to God on the mountain


Week 5:

How Musa Reached the Station of Fana, a Step-By-Step Journey

Fri, Oct 28: TBD

Week 6:

Secrets of Musa’s Encounter with Khidr

Fri, Nov 4th with Aisha Cotten

Stories of the Prophets, pp 219 to 223

Song of the Flute of the Deep Knowing, pg. 229


Week 7:

Musa (saws) and Pharaoh

Fri, Nov 18th with Hamid Werder

Conversations in the Zawiya pp 75 to 77, Meaning of the signs of Musa (as)

Stories of the Prophets, pp 223 to 239, selections

And We utterly destroyed the works of Pharaoh and his people – and that which they had built (Q 7: 133-137)

Week 8:

Musa (saws): Lessons for today

Fri, Nov 25th with Halima Rabia Gibson

Resolute Prophets, pg. 170 to 176

The good tree/ tree of unity, and how to fulfill our pledge to Allah, Path to Allah, 2007 edition, bottom of pg 276-278 or 280

Stories of the Prophets, pp 245 to 248 and 254 to top of pg 257

Happiness of following the right way like Musa, Tafsir, pg 194 [Sidi’s Tafsir of surahs 36 to 57]

Week 9

Musa (as): Crumbling the mountain of our existence [part 2]

Fri, Dec 2nd with Murshid Dr. Wadude Laird

Stories of the Prophets, pp 251 middle of page to 257

Tafsir of Q56:5 on gnosis, pg 441, the mountains of intellectual thought ground to powder when the sun of gnosis rises. [Sidi’s Tafsir of surahs 36 to 57]

Week 10:

“The wisdom of Eminence in the Word of Moses” (as)

Sat, Dec 10th with Kamila Shenmen, Ph.D., Dipl.Ac., Dipl.C.H., M.Div.

Teachings from Ibn al ‘Arabi’s (raa) Bezels of Wisdom.


Week 11:

Musa (saws) & the Message of Allah’s Oneness

Fri, Dec 16th with Nura Laird, M.Ed.

Tafsir, pp 162 to 167

Surah Zukhruf/ Ornaments of Gold

Musa & the Station of Witnessing, Path to Allah, 2007 edition, pg 199-200

Week 12

Musa (as): The One to Whom God Speaks

Fri, Dec 23rd with Laila Brady Walzer

Stories of the Prophets, pp. 198 to 204

“He had come to his real home. He thanked Allah for what He gave him through Shu’ayb, peace be upon him.” (Stories of the Prophets, 2020, pg. 200)

He carried the essence of the reality of Allah (nasut) pg. 203

Musa’ dialogue with God: Q2:51, Q7:142-143, Q7:155, Q20:83-84


Registration Information:

The classes will be recorded and available to view anytime.

Offering Spanish and French interpretations of most classes.

The custom is for those who have more, to give more, so the door is open for all, regardless of ability to pay.

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“This is a very deep chance to be one, without separation. In this world, in this religion, the religion of Sufism, the real Islam, the real message of the prophets Ibrahim, Musa, or Isa (alayhim as-salam) is one. There is no difference between any of my beloved prophets. They are from one heart, one body, one spirit. This is from the light of Allah, meaning He comes through those holy beloveds to send His light everywhere.” ~ Sidi
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