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Holy Table of Allah

July 26 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EDT

Please join us for this next series…

The Holy Table of Allah for All the Beloveds

A 14-Part Deep Dive into the Ocean of the Complete Love & Subtle Mercy

April 26, 2024- July 26, 2024


Come, let us gather around the table and be of those who seek to know Him (swta) and to know themselves. This is your time—don’t wait, seize the moment and embark on a transformative journey!

This immersive, experiential series that, with the help of our beloved 14 teachers, will teach through the first 14 chapters of the book written by our guide, Sidi Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal ar-Rifa’i ash-Shadhdhuli, titled: “The Children of the Truth.”

This book describes the lives and sayings of the Awliya and those blessed beings who lived in the time following the death of the Prophet Muhammad (‎ﷺ), whose lives were examples of the love of Allah made manifest in this world.

“Each one walked in a different way…They had many practices and exercises through with they could reach the Circle of Allah.”
–Sidi Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal ar-Rifa’i ash-Shadhdhuli

As he states in the book, the times in which those people of the Family of Allah lived was exactly like this time. Which gives us the beautiful opportunity to tap into the truly mystical, yet practical, ways that these awliya lived and apply them today!

These stories and teachings expand to connect us all with our spiritual lineage, our true family, inshallah, through the many lines, many paths, of these Prophets and Messengers.

Join us at the Table of Allah, where the real food of love, peace, and mercy awaits!

This class series hopes to explore the lives of these deep beloveds, through experientials, interactive classes, and bonus classes to meet, reflect, and discuss the teachings.

Through the many stories in this book, you can experience, inshallah:

  • Hear the call, as Sidi says, for all people to come and to sit around the Table and be in the World of the Unity
  • Tastes of the subtle lights and high stations the Awliya’ carry, inshaallah
  • Their unique understanding and way through life in the knowledge that our Beloved God never leaves you for a moment
  • Connection to practical ways to navigate strong times in your own way
  • How to hold and care for your self (nafs) in a way that does not let them overtake you
  • The varieties, yet with no separation, between each of these spiritual lines that lead back to Allah
  • Understanding of how to carry this path where there is no separation, no he or she, no male or female–only God


April 26-July 26, 2024
Friday’s: 7-8:30 pm ET / 4-5:30 pm PT

 ** Please note the different time for week 8 and extra class for week 9!

Week One – April 26, 2024: Abu Yazid al-Bistami ( رضي الله عنه)
Week Two – May 3, 2024: Abu al-Qasim al-Junayd (رضي الله عنه)
Week Three – May 10, 2024: Abu ‘l-Husayn an-Nuri (رضي الله عنه)
Week Four – May 17, 2024: Husayn ibn Mansur al-Hallaj (رضي الله عنه)
Week Five – May 24, 2024: Abu Bakr ibn Jahdar ash-Shibli (رضي الله عنه)
Week Six – May 31, 2024: Master Muhyi-id-din ‘Abdu ‘l-Qadir al-Jilani (رضي الله عنه) the Qutb and Ghawth of his time
Week Seven – June 7, 2024: Shu’ayb ibn Husayn al-Ansari Andalusi, known as Abu Madyan Ghawth (رضي الله عنه)

Week Eight – June, 21 @ 6:30-8:00 pm ET: Ahmad ar-Rifa’i (رضي الله عنه)
** Note Time Change due to Full Moon Dhikr!

Week Nine – FRIDAY, June 28th @ 7-8:30 pm ET: Muhammad ibn al-‘Arabi al-Ta’I al-Hatimi also known as Muhyi-id-din ibn al- ‘Arabi (رضي الله عنه)

EXTRA CLASS:  SUNDAY, June 30 @1-2:30 pm ET: Rabi’a al-Adwiyya (رضي الله عنها)
** Note Time and Date Change for Extra Class!

Week Ten – July 5, 2024: ‘Abdu ‘s-Salam ibn Mashish (رضي الله عنه)
Week Eleven – July, 12, 2024: ‘Ali ibn ‘Abdullah Abu al-Hasan ash-Shadhuli (رضي الله عنه)
Week Twelve – July 19, 2024: Ahmad Abu al- ‘Abbas al-Mursi (رضي الله عنه)
Week Thirteen – July 26, 2024: Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn ‘Ata’illah, also referred to as Ibn ‘Ata’illah al-Iskandari (رضي الله عنه)



No books are required for the course.
Faculty, teaching times & topics are subject to change.

Most of the books referenced are available at https://sufimaster.org/store/


July 26
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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