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​Your donation supports accessible classes that teach about the path of returning to the Divine Love, Peace and Unity.
The courses increase our himma & bring unity to the tariqa and other communities through the collaborative effort of the teachers to support the beloveds’ walking.
The nonprofit Unity Peace Prayer Project is an all-volunteer organization. We seek to support Sidi’s vision of the flag of Unity over every home. Inshallah 🙏🏻

We would like to offer a Shadhiliyya Sufi event at the Lincoln Memorial–with Sufi teachers, healers, artists, and musicians–to be lighthouses of God’s Love. Donors like you make this possible.

Course tuition and donations go to:
– The administrative cost of course offerings, teacher expenses, website, printing, and other operating expenses.
– Lincoln Memorial event: Teacher expenses, sound system, rental equipment, park service required security & comfort facilities, & administrative costs.

You may give any amount you would like.

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Donations of $420 to $1000 & monthly donors will greatly benefit our ability to host an event at the Lincoln Memorial.
​Your donations are tax-deductible, as permitted by law, through our fiduciary relationship with the Ma’rifa Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.