Secrets of Divine Love
~ Support for These Times


A Sufi Weekend of Unity:
May 13th-15th 2022

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Secrets of Divine Love

~ Support for These Times

May 13th-15th 2022

A Sufi School Weekend of Gathering in the Unity:

We invite you, your friends, and loved ones to join us for this time of community, love and prayer.

Please join us to illuminate the Divine Truth of the One Divine Reality. 

 Event Details:

Friday, May 13th to Sunday, May 15th

Suggested donation for this event: 

Friday only: $20
Fri to Sun: $40-$195

This special weekend is open to all–
Please don’t let any kind of financial hardship prevent you from attending this beautiful gathering. We invite you to pay what you can and come if Allah guides you.

In Sufism and Islam it is the custom for those who have more to contribute more, and for those who have less to give less. In order to support those who can’t afford to pay $195 for the weekend, and if you are able, please consider paying more than $195. As this entire organization is funded by donations, we are deeply grateful for your generosity. Thank you! 🙏🏻


Please contact Sara Madonna if you have any questions in regards to payment or problems with registering:
Sara at or 561-318-1372.


 Other Information:

** There will be Arabic translations of the event available. There will also be Spanish translations for key events throughout the weekend.

** The entire weekend will be recorded. You will receive the Zoom information, along with any other pertinent information for the event, after you have registered.

If you have any other questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact Sara Madonna: or 561-318-1372.


 Weekend Schedule:

Friday, May 13th

5pm – 8pm ET / 2pm-5pm PT

5:00pm    Opening Master of Ceremonies Welcome

5:07pm    Murshid Dr. Wadude Laird on The Heart’s Return/ Tawba of the Spirit
~ The heart under the authority of divine love and the joy of return
~ Readings from How the Arrival is Realized, pp. 133 to 138

7:10pm   Murshid Laird will lead a Dhikr

8:00pm   Closing

“Surely, We found him steadfast and a blessed worshipper. Truly he was one who turns back [to his Lord in repentance].”  [Q38:44]

Saturday, May 14th

9:30am – 6:30pm ET / 6:30am-3:30pm PT

9:30am   Al-Wird with Dr. Jamila Dixon
~The Universal Source of the Shadhiliyya

10:00am   Master of Ceremonies Welcome

10:05am   Opening Fatihah & Elongation Zahra Carol Lee

10:15am   Creating Harmony & Joy in Community with Nura Laird & Hamid Werder

11:45am   Break (15 min)

Noon Teaching:  Peacemaking begins in the heart…from Music of the Soul, Man Ant Who are You…with Murshida Salima Adelstein

1:00pm   Lunch Break/ Sufi Artist Cafe

2:15pm   Master of Ceremonies

2:20pm   The Essence of your Being/ Arabic letters of Light with Amany Shalaby

3:20pm   Experiential process with the Divine Letters Amany Shalaby – to make it practical and relatable to our lives or the physical body~

4:00pm   Break (20 min)

4:20pm   ‘Abd al Haqq Godlas: The State of Magnetic Attraction (jadhba) to Allah
~ How the Arrival is Realized, pp 119 to 123
~ How Allah draws the servant closer, through the Divine providential care

5:20pm  Optional 10-minute Break

5:30pm   ‘Abd al Haqq Godlas Leads Dhikr circle with music, drumming inshallah, everyone invited to participate.

6pm to 6:15pm   Close

Sunday, May 15th

9:00am – 6:30pm ET / 6:00am-3:30pm PT

9:00am  Hoʻoponopono with Dr. Nadia Hole

9:30am   Al-Wird Halima Rabiah Gibson

10:00am   Master of Ceremonies Welcome

10:05am   Opening Fatihah & Elongation Zahra Carol Lee

10:15am The Joy of Remembering with Rahima Schmall
Am I not Your Lord? (Q7:172)
“So the sweetness of this speech remained in the secrets; whatever softness or ecstasy or reality the heart has comes from that sweetness with which Allah addressed the creation in the first origination.” How the Arrival is Realized, pp. 110 to 113.

11:45am   Break (15 min)

Noon Teaching: Mahdi al-Jamal & Halima Abdullah— The Secret of the Love of God

1:10pm   Lunch Break

2:30pm   Master of Ceremonies

2:34pm Imam Abdul Karim Pinckney– The Secret of the Love of God

3:34pm   Break (10 min)

3:44pm  The Ship of Love—Tariqa Shadhiliyya with Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe
~ readings from The Ship of the Family of the Prophet or how the Prophet (saws) used his skills to help people.

5:00pm  20-minute Break

5:20pm  Experiential process Light Grid with Murshid Ibrahim “People of the light Unite.”
~ Connecting us with beloveds in our worldwide Tariqa, with the Shadhiliyya tariqa, with the Waliyya/saints of all the paths of love, with all the faithful believers/righteous

5:50pm   Promises with Murshid Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

6:15pm to 6:30pm   Close

"For whoever wishes, this [teaching] is the Divine Table of Allah, so whoever wishes can come and eat from it." - Sidi, 2009

This is an open invitation to anyone who would like to join us:

A Sufi School Weekend:

Over the course of this weekend, many of our experienced teachers will guide us to…

  • Gather with other like-hearted beloveds to drink in the fragrance of the Sufi teachings.
  • Receive the help and deep support that our hearts need at this time.
  • Find the true source of peace, protection, freedom and safety.
  • Increase your himma to be a stronger beacon of Divine Light, Truth, Love & Mercy in this world

Register Today

This special weekend is open to all–we don’t want anyone to feel they can’t attend because of a financial insecurity. Please pay what you can and come if Allah guides you.

Please contact Sara Madonna if you have any questions or concerns in regards to payment: Sara at or 561-318-1372.




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