Welcome to the Unity Peace Prayer Project

We invite you, your friends, and loved ones to empower spiritual, cultural, and global unity.

"Allah wants us to give the tree of peace, and anyone can sit under the shade of this holy tree without seeing differences between anyone. This tree can contain all the people who live with the real peace, the real love…" ~Sidi


Do You Dream of a World Guided by the Light of Peace, Unity, Love and Freedom?


Here at the Unity Peace Prayer Inc., we work to uplift the global consciousness through education, advocacy, and support programs.

Our mission is to establish the remembrance of God and awareness of Divine Love, Peace, Mercy, Freedom, Justice, Beauty, and Kindness through education & service to humanity.

We seek to reach lovers of God throughout the world with our online classes and our Shadhiliyya Sufi events at the Lincoln Memorial–with Sufi teachers, healers, artists, and musicians–to be lighthouses of God’s Love.

Our prayer is to promote the Divine consciousness of unity through these dynamic events with inspirational speakers and creative collaborations of art, music, and storytelling.

New Teaching Series:

Listen Deeply to the Music of the Soul

It has everything within it…

Jan 13th – May 19th 2023:
7 to 8:30 pm ET

Join us for 12 weeks of Immersing in the teachings of the Music of the Soul. In this series, we will be revisiting the foundational teachings of our path and walking deeply through all of the stations, insha’allah, with Allah’s help.

Interested in Learning More?

Contact us to learn more about our live and previously recorded classes that are based on the teachings of the Sufi tradition and Prophetic teachings.